Life.   Stories.

Our lives are enriched through story. A beautiful, well-told narrative brings generations together, forges unity in family businesses, and is a deeply meaningful gift.

Capture your story in a way that engages and animates the moments that need to be preserved and remembered. Our writers bring your stories to life through a series of casual interviews…

…then deliver them in a one-of-a-kind custom, leather-bound book, a hard or softcover book, or a compilation video production.

No one knows what tomorrow holds.

“Days after the completion of my father’s legacy story, he fell into a coma. With my family at Dad’s side, I asked Dave, the writer, to send me the story before Dad passed. He offered to come to the hospital to read it to him. It was a deeply moving moment. In the seat next to Dad wasn’t a priest or a doctor, but a storyteller affirming for him a life well lived.

He passed just hours later.”


—Carol Treadway

Thousands of memories fill the corners of our minds and quietly rest unused, never to be accessed again—unless stirred. Much of the richness of your life can return to you and bless your family.

Our storyteller/Creative Director, Dave Franco, a former advertising copywriter from New York, Los Angeles and San Diego, has written hundreds of personal life stories, including public biographies and memoirs. His strength is identifying the emotional relevance of a life journey, resulting in books you can’t put down.

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“I want to write a bit of your story,” I told my mother over the phone.

“Me?” she asked, surprised. “What could you want to know? I didn’t have an exciting life.”

My mind briefly scanned what I knew of her life, looking for a place to step in. Suddenly, something came to mind. Funny thing is, once it did, I was actually very curious to know. “What did you used to do after church on Sundays—as a kid?”

What came next was a stream of excited storytelling from my mother’s recollection that had sat dormant—and forgotten—all those years. It was as if none of the stories existed until someone poked around.

When I sent what I wrote, she called every surviving cousin and shared it with much excitement, and together, they stepped back in time and enjoyed each other again after 75 years. It meant so much to her. And to me. It confirmed the importance of LinkBook.


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  • Dave was able to see past what I normally present to people and identified who I really was. He has a very welcoming and endearing presence. When reading the first draft I was emotional - not my typical response.

    K. Loomis Wall Street Stockbroker
  • Dave is not just someone who wanted to hear a story, but someone who wanted to hear my story. His curiosity helped me to remember more than even I knew was there.

    S. Gulka Pastor
  • I really got the sense when talking to Dave that he hung on every word I said. Judging by the final product, I could see my suspicion was true.

    J. Yaffa Speaker/Author
  • Dave has a wonderful talent for listening, discerning, and writing that goes beyond the expected. He brought the events of my journey to life in a way that was deeply meaningful to my family.

    G. Wright Financial Planner
  • When we sat down the first time I wasn't sure I had much to tell. Two hours later, I was still talking and talking. Dave makes it easy because he treats it more like a conversation than an interview. It was really fun.

    S. Busby

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