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Consultation over coffee
Every story is unique, so we first connect with you to outline the goals and scope of your story. This helps us make an estimate suited for your needs. If you desire, for a minimum cost we’ll do a 15-minute interview and write a short sample for you. This way you’ll know firsthand the LinkBook experience and have a memory to keep and apply toward your full story.

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Interviews & Story Writing
We will meet in the location of your choosing or set up a video call, so you can be as comfortable as possible. Keep in mind, these will be more like conversations than interviews and last about one hour. Writing time will follow each interview, resulting in a first draft of the content captured from that interview.

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Photography & Videotaping
We will scan, receive and retouch your photos and add stock photos when necessary to enhance your story. Portrait photos are also available. Videotaping the interview is always an option, the choice is yours.

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Review & Approvals
We will work hard to make sure we get the details and ‘voice’ of your story just right. You will receive drafts for approvals and revisions throughout the writing process so your story is uniquely yours.

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Creative Production through LinkBook Publishing
Our creative team will present all the options available to you for publishing your finished books. One-of-a-kind custom books, online hardcover or softcover books, are prepared to your liking.


Pricing is separated into two phases: the writing of your book, and then the production of your book. The writing phase is a series of interviews, each resulting in approximately 2-4000 words, or a chapter.  Some stories require many interviews, while others can be captured in a few. A single interview and writing session typically runs between $1000-$1,300.  Phase two is book production and typically runs between $4,000-6,000, determined by the final text of your book, number of photos and your preferences for art direction.

Every story is different.  We want to work within your budget and are happy to discuss the details of your story in a free consultation call.

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Nicole Franco, Co-Founder/Executive

Part of my own personal story is how much I have come to believe in the power of story to deepen relationships and pass along wisdom. I look forward to hearing from you and together we’ll bring the beauty of your story to life.

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