Your company has a great story.

The story of how your company came to be adds life to your target marketing because stories add heart. Stories expand on your value proposition. Stories make your company relate-able and interesting. A well-told story is like meeting an interesting person. Stories make friends.
When your employees know your story, they not only learn the values and spirit of the brand, they become fully engaged representatives of them.
Your company has a great story. Perhaps it is time to set it free.

Corporate Stories—A Case Study: Mark Beamish Waterproofing

Adam Beamish, the current president of MBW and son of founder Mark Beamish, realized that now that his father had retired, all new employees never had the chance to work with Mark or glean from his values. According to Adam, the commitment to craftsmanship, to innovation, to stop at nothing to please the client was waning, and their bottom line began to show it.

Ninety-five percent of all family-owned businesses last just three generations due to the loss of understanding of the values and core principles of the original founding owner.

Adam hired LinkBook Legacies to offer employees of MBW an exciting look into how the company came to be, the struggles, triumphs, values and core principles that created a great brand.

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